LIVE: Utah Couples Christmas Treasure Hunt! Starts Dec. 1st

This Challenge Is For: Couples Looking For An Epic Adventure Together!

Find The Treasure & Win: 5 Day All Expenses Paid Trip to Paradise (2 tickets). (free to sign up)


This Challenge Is For: Couples Looking For An Epic Adventure Together!

Grand Prize: 5 Day All Expenses Paid Trip to Paradise! (2 tickets) 

Plus 100's of other prizes for everyone that signs up for free!

Join The Couples Christmas Treasure Hunt Here:

The coolest part about this... Is that if your friends win you win too! Spread the word with your special link after you sign up :)

The Christmas Treasure Hunt Starts In...

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Adventure Couples

Why Are We Doing This Epic Christmas Challenge For Couples?

...We want to get the word out about our new company that has a mission to create epic adventures for couples!

Here Are The Prizes You Win For The Christmas Treasure Hunt:

  1st Place

5 Day Trip To Paradise

The couple that takes first place (tackles santa clause) will get an all inclusive 5 day trip to paradise! We will be sending you to the Barcelo In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

We will work with your schedule and book the trip for when it works best for you!
  • All Expenses Paid For: We will cover flights and the cost of the all inclusive resort.
  • Where: Right on the beach at the luxury Barcelo Hotel in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. 
  • When: We will work with you to make sure it fits with your schedule :)

  2nd & 3rd Place

All Inclusive Day To Splash 

2nd & 3rd place will get the same prize of an All Inclusive Day to Splash Summit in Provo Utah. 

Pass is paid for, parking is paid for, & food is paid for! The coolest thing too is that you can get an extra 2 tickets to invite another couple along with you!
  • Pass paid for: You will get an all day pass to the amazing splash summit in provo, utah. 
  • Food paid for: While you are there you will also have your food paid for! 
  • Parking paid for: Usually you need to find parking and pay but that will also be covered.

  All Other Places

Win A Prize If You Find 1 Clue

For the couples that don't place near the top but still did some of the challenges you will still win a prize!

We will give you access to one of our products that has adventures for couples to do from the comfort of their own home.
  • 20 Intimate Adventures: Designed with a therapist with the goal to help rapidly spark your intimacy and form a deeper connection together.

What Are You Waiting For?

This christmas chase is going to be so much fun!! Sign up for free and start having adventures together as a couple and win awesome prizes while you do it!

About Us....

Adventure Couples

Our Story...

Our names are Britton & Sarandon! When we first started dating we did a lot of adventures together and it helped us create a very deep connection. 

We then got married and for the first few months kept doing fun adventures and date nights together. But slowly we started to phase out of these fun adventures and before we knew it our marriage plateued and things felt dull. 

We came together and realized that we were no longer doing fun things together that helped deepen our connection. That's when we decided to start this company "Adventure Couples" because we knew we weren't the only ones who knew there was more to their relationship. We both wanted more excitement and every couples wants just that. 

Adventure Couples is designed to help couples have amazing adventures! Even from the comfort of their own home. We have worked hard with a liscenced therapist to make sure the activities help strengthen your relationship while being super fun at the same time! 

We hope this helps you have a deeper more exciting connection :)

- Britton & Sarandon

Please reach out if you have any questions!